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Having been born in Denver, I am a Broncos fan.  Been one my whole life.  To say I was disappointed with the outcome of yesterday’s game goes without saying.  During the post-game interview a reporter asked Payton Manning if he was embarrassed.  I loved his response – he told the reporter he was insulted by the use of the word “embarrassed.”  Good for him.  Why, as a society, must someone who fails be embarrassed by their effort?  Seattle’s defense outplayed Manning and his offense.  Manning’s team got beaten.  And as severely as that beating was, it wasn’t because Denver played poorly.  It was because Seattle played better.  Way better.

The Super Bowl is about being a better team.  There is always a winner, and a loser.  Denver made it to the championship game.  They lost.  But at least they made it to the “big game.”  How many other teams did not even advance to the first round of the play-offs?  I agree with Peyton Manning.  He should not be embarrassed.  And he has every right to be insulted by asking if he was.

And for those of you who really aren’t into the football aspect of the game – the Wall Street Journal has put together a page with all of the Super Bowl commercials.  In case you missed them…Wall Street Journal – best-super-bowl-commercials-2014

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i am a mom. and a wife. and a realtor. when i grow up i want to spend all day taking pictures and then spend all night looking at them. in the meantime, my mom and i are going to keep selling houses. for sellers who are moving on, and to buyers who are moving in. real estate is such a part of our daily lives, that it carries over into everything we are. and it is of interest to so many people. so i thought i would start talking. who knows...i may actually find that i have something interesting to say :)

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