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Exactly why are new homes bigger?

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Remember the “McMansions” of the 1990’s?  Well they are back!  Large homes become increasingly popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Smaller homes become more popular in the mid 2000’s, as the economy suffered and the national real estate market tanked in many areas.  Larger homes equal greater living expenses – furnishing, landscaping, maintenance, utilities, insurance…you get the idea.  As home values decreased, and jobs suffered, home buyers turned to a more conservative approach, and focused on smaller houses.  That trend appears to be changing, as the average square footage of a home is on the rise – as well as the amenities found in larger homes:  more bedroom, baths, multiple car garages.  And the buyer composition is changing as well.  Buyers with higher credit scores typically manage their money well, and can handle the expenses that are associated with larger homes.

So, it looks like the Jones’ aren’t off the hook yet.

Exactly why are new homes bigger?

Author: kieronquane

i am a mom. and a wife. and a realtor. when i grow up i want to spend all day taking pictures and then spend all night looking at them. in the meantime, my mom and i are going to keep selling houses. for sellers who are moving on, and to buyers who are moving in. real estate is such a part of our daily lives, that it carries over into everything we are. and it is of interest to so many people. so i thought i would start talking. who knows...i may actually find that i have something interesting to say :)

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