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Nothing beats the dog days of summer

I have said it a number of times – I want to come back as my dog in my next life.  My dogs are spoiled, and absolutely adored.  And they love to take walks, and ride in the car, and play ball.  They hate the water.  Two labs, and they avoid lakes, ponds, sprinklers and our pool – at all costs.  It doesn’t seem to bother them though – they make up for it where they can.

What fun is your dog having this #summer?

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Which renovation is your favorite?

I have always loved the architecture of older homes.  When Steve and I were buying our first home, it was between a 1915 cape cod that needed a ton of work, and a 1960’s ranch that only needed an updated kitchen.  My head won over my heart, and we bought the ranch.  I still think about that cape cod, and what we could have turned it into.  I loved looking at these renovated transformations.  Who knows?  Maybe someday I will get the chance to do the same thing, to an older home that is in desperate need of some labor and some love.

Which one is your favorite?

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Need a change at #home? Try this…

The best part about paint?  You can easily change it if you don’t like the end result!