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What is the true cost of waiting to buy a home?

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If you are thinking about buying a home, but aren’t sure about the cost, this KCM article offers a different way to look at it.  Especially, for the younger buyers who are watching every penny.  Years ago, when Oprah was still on, she had David Bach on her show.  He coined the phrase “the latte factor” and wrote books and seminars on the topic.  His theory was that if you saved what you were spending on a cup of Starbucks coffee every day, you could save up some big money.  This article has a similar theme to it, providing encouragement to buy the home NOW.  It may mean sacrificing a few items in the short term, however in the long run, it should be well worth it!

With Interest Rates and Home Prices on the rise, do you know the true Cost of Waiting?


Author: kieronquane

i am a mom. and a wife. and a realtor. when i grow up i want to spend all day taking pictures and then spend all night looking at them. in the meantime, my mom and i are going to keep selling houses. for sellers who are moving on, and to buyers who are moving in. real estate is such a part of our daily lives, that it carries over into everything we are. and it is of interest to so many people. so i thought i would start talking. who knows...i may actually find that i have something interesting to say :)

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