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selling homes…a family tradition

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What do rising house prices mean to a buyer?

Housing inventory remains low, and buyer demand is beginning to rise. A diminished supply will lead to increasing home prices. Thinking of buying? You may want to purchase sooner than later!

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They forgot to draw the Brady Bunch house…

Ever wondered what the floorplans of some of television’s most popular shows would look like?  Me neither.  Until I started looking through the fabulously drawn, and impeccably detailed floorplans below.  I didn’t watch all of these shows, however the ones that I did, I could so easily visualize the rooms, as if I were looking at the TV screen.  After looking through these, I still don’t know how Monica and Rachel afforded the space they had in New York…

Click on floorplan below to see 13 awesome drawings

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What is the true cost of waiting?

Economists, real estate experts and strategists are forecasting that 2015 may be the year of home appreciation.  What does that mean?  As a buyer – it means that your buying power may shrink.  As a seller – it may mean that your appeal to a buyer will be stronger earlier in the year, when the buyer can get more for their money. Coupled with the prospect of higher interest rates on mortgages, and a buyer may be considerably impacted.   To see how much, click here.