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Do you know this simple step that could prevent a battery-triggered fire?

In an effort to minimize my “carbon footprint,” I collect all of our dead batteries and place them in a  box in the basement.  When the box is full, I take it to the County hazardous waste collection event.  Never did I imagine that my recycling effort could potentially be exposing my house, family and pets to a devastating fire.  Having experienced a fire in my college apartment, I know that it is something a never want to relive.  Twenty years later, I can close my eyes and see the flames shooting up the wall and across the ceiling.  The melted ceiling light fixture, the burned counter top.  And I can hear the popping of the exploding Pepsi cans, that were sitting right next to the stove.  I haven’t tried to heat up oil for fondue since.  Guess how many fire extinguishers we received as wedding gifts the following year?

Take a few minutes to watch this quick video and learn one simple, quick & inexpensive tip to minimize your risk of a house fire.  I’m off to buy some electrical tape…

Battery Fire Safety Video