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They forgot to draw the Brady Bunch house…

Ever wondered what the floorplans of some of television’s most popular shows would look like?  Me neither.  Until I started looking through the fabulously drawn, and impeccably detailed floorplans below.  I didn’t watch all of these shows, however the ones that I did, I could so easily visualize the rooms, as if I were looking at the TV screen.  After looking through these, I still don’t know how Monica and Rachel afforded the space they had in New York…

Click on floorplan below to see 13 awesome drawings

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What cities should you avoid in case of a zombie apocalypse?

Some hump day humor!  In light of the return of The Walking Dead, real estate powerhouse Trulia has thoughtfully put this list of Zombie deathtrap cities together, using real life city data.  I wonder how long it will take the Zombies to venture north of Chicago?

Click on the map to see the article.